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At Keene Insights, we delight in gathering and making sense of data (all kinds of data) to help chart a clear path forward. We believe that with some good planning and a dash of creativity, data can deepen impact, strengthen relationships, shift power, and be fun!


What We Do

We offer strategy and evaluation support in different ways depending on our clients’ needs and budget. This includes everything from quick bits of guidance, to longer trainings, to evaluation planning, to full consulting projects. We work with a wide variety of people and organizations including nonprofits, foundations, and government agencies.

Data Drop Ins

Each month, via Zoom, we explore a different data-related topic through presentations, discussions, and stories. Contact us for upcoming topics and dates.

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We provide half and full day workshops on data and evaluation topics. Contact us for upcoming training dates and availability.

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Whether you need top-to-bottom support, or targeted help with planning an evaluation or gathering insights from your data, we can assist with any stage of your evaluation project.

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Strategic Planning

We facilitate adaptive strategic planning, ensuring the process fits the organization's needs and culture. Our plans effectively guide efforts for the next few years while remaining broad enough to adapt to new opportunities.

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Laura Keene

Hi! I’m Laura, Owner and Principal at Keene Insights. I've been an evaluation and learning specialist for more than twenty years and have worked in a variety of fields including education, public health, health care, and social services. I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology from UC Berkeley and a Master of Public Health from Columbia University.

I also have the great joy of working with amazing collaborators who continue to support and challenge me: Melinda Stylos-Allan, Becca Carsel, and Amanda Welsh.

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Outside of work, I love adventuring with my hubby and my two girls and crafting up a storm.


We strive to keep people at the center of decision-making. Who needs the data? What's meaningful to them? Who are we gathering data from? How can we gather data in a way that reinforces-rather than undermines-our relationships?

Lately, we've been inspired by arts-based methods like drawing and photography to prompt rich conversations and make space for the diverse ways people express themselves and understand the world.

We’ve had the privilege of working with thoughtful and passionate people from organizations like:

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